Vectorizing a structure assignment

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Is vectorizing this for-loop possible and faster?
nodes = cellstr(['GAA'; 'AACAG'; 'AAG'; 'AT'; 'ACA'; 'ACCGTTA';]); % sample input
edges = cellstr(['GAAC'; 'AACG'; 'AG'; 'ATG'; 'AC'; 'ACCG';]); % sample input
s = struct();
for m=1:numel(nodes)
s.(nodes{m}) = edges{m};

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 17 Feb 2017
nodes = {'GAA'; 'AACAG'; 'AAG'; 'AT'; 'ACA'; 'ACCGTTA'}; % sample input
edges = {'GAAC'; 'AACG'; 'AG'; 'ATG'; 'AC'; 'ACCG'}; % sample input
temp = [nodes, edges] .';
s = struct(temp{:});

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