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ode15s is not supported when used in matlab-fn block in simulink

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I have a code solves DAEs using ode15s fn. However, when I copy it into matlab function block in simulink, it does not work and this is the error I got: "The function 'ode15s' is not supported for standalone code generation. See the documentation for coder.extrinsic to learn how you can use this function in simulation." I read the aforementioned documentation but I could not use it in my code. Any experience from you would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Ismaeel il 20 Feb 2017
I added to my function: coder.extrinsic('ode15s') This is what I got: Function handles cannot be passed to extrinsic functions.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 20 Feb 2017
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