In Polyspace version 2016B.How to generate Intermediate files(.CI)

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Hello Team, I was tried to see the intermediate file after pre processing stage.But some times these files are generating and some times not generating.Do I need to enable any feature for doing this job in Polyspace code prover. version details:MATLAB Version: (R2016b)

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Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros il 28 Feb 2017
You can use the command-line option named "-keep-relaunch-files" for that.
When this option is set, Polyspace will generate the files required to relaunch a verification/analysis, including the expanded source files, in the subfolder named .relaunch. And in this folder, the CI files can be found in the file
If you're using the graphical interface, the option -keep-relaunch-files has to be entered in the field "Other" (Advanced Settings).
NB: Since this option is used to create the relaunch files, the verification/analysis will stop at the end of the compilation phase, and then will produce no results.

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