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Read from Fedo software using Matlab

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MUFTAH AKROUSH on 18 Mar 2017
Answered: Alisha Schor on 21 Mar 2017
Hello everyone, I'm using Feko 2007 and I have the Matlab code to change the data from Feke data to Matlab data works with Feko 2007, But when I update it to Feko 2017, the Matlab code does not work . It gives me the Feko code does not exist. Can anyone helps me to fix the Matlab code? The problem is here!
% Execute FEKO
disp(' ');
disp(['Point #' num2str(ii) ' out of ' num2str(length(tx_x))])
!runfeko sim.pre_ --execute-prefeko -np 2
E = fekoread_v2('sim.efe')


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Alisha Schor
Alisha Schor on 21 Mar 2017


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