How to show in a scope an entity generator attribute data ?

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I have an entiry generator - Type - Bus object - Prio: 300 - Entity type name: Entity
When i try to run the code i get the error:
Invalid connection between message and signal ports. Output port 1 of 'Codifications/SPIBus' is not compatible with input port 1 of 'Codifications/Bus Selector'.
I looked into all the examples of SimeEvents but the help has all this high tech examples with scheduling and stuff , but basic stuff like this is missing.
I know i can see the signal in Simulation Data Inspector , but i want to see it in a scope -_-
Can someone help ?

Accepted Answer

timo on 27 Mar 2017
Ok I solved this after 3 hours of searching the documentation and the examples -_-'' Please see the attached picture

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