Matlab 2016a and higher: Mouse double click does not work

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Matlab 2016a and higher: Mouse double click is really slow or does work on Mac, but trackpad does... Any advice? Cannot double-click in 'Current folder', on vars, etc., to open
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Rik on 30 Mar 2017
Are you sure this is not something OS related? Have you tried re-installing Matlab?

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L. jack Rhodes
L. jack Rhodes on 5 Apr 2017
On further investigation, the issue is limited to bluetooth mice... I've used a USB mouse with no problem.

ANDRE BUCCI on 24 Aug 2018
Edited: ANDRE BUCCI on 24 Aug 2018
I'm having the same issue... did anyone find any solution yet? I noticed that the problem (at least for me) is related to wireless mouse used in iMacs and MacMinis. It doesn't make sense though... MacBook with either trackpad or wireless mouse works normally. I used the same wireless mouse, with the same settings in a Mac mini and iMac and the problem occurred. Problem also persisted from matlab R2017a/b into R2018a. haven't tried in older versions. It's a pain to preview variables from workspace or access path bar.
David Jones
David Jones on 6 Nov 2018
I changed the double-click speed under the Mac OS System Preferences - Accessibility. I slowed it down two or three ticks and it is working better.

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Friedemann Bunjes
Friedemann Bunjes on 28 Nov 2018
Edited: Friedemann Bunjes on 28 Nov 2018
Same issue here R2018a, iMacPro, MagicMouse.
Resolved it by
SystemSettings - Accessibility - Trackpad & Mouse: reduced Doubleclickspeed by 2 Ticks
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Deepak Ingole
Deepak Ingole on 17 Aug 2020
This trick worked for me on macOS Catalina 10.15.5 with MATLAB 2019a and 2019b. Thanks Friedemann Bunjes for the solution!

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Ed Marquez
Ed Marquez on 5 Apr 2017
I would recommend checking the charts in this link for MAC OS & MATLAB/Simulink. It is possible that this issue can be due to a non-supported setup (assuming MATLAB is related to the issue).
Check also if this is just specific to R2016a and your MAC OS. It would be helpful to see if using a previous or newer version of MATLAB changes this behavior. As @Rik also suggested, it could be a OS issue, but I don't know what version you are using with MATLAB.
Good luck.
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Arokon82 on 9 Aug 2018
I'm using Matlab R2012b with a Windows 10 Enterprise OS and have experienced the exact same issue with a Bluetooth mouse. I started to have the issue as soon as I got the new mouse, and it went away when I reverted back to my cabled mouse.
Anyone have a solution?

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Richard Allen
Richard Allen on 11 Sep 2018
Same issue for me. It appears to be limited to Magic Mouse 2 and Matlab (not any other apps), but on a MacBook Pro.

DJ on 4 Oct 2018
Same issue for me on 2016 and 2018 with Magic Mouse.

Daniel Schinkel
Daniel Schinkel on 2 Nov 2018
I have the same issue with a magic mouse on a mac pro (both with Matlab R2016b, R2018a and R2018b and both with MaxOS High Sierra and Mojave)


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