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Hi All,
I have thousands of images each image has size (228*196), Each 7 images have same date. I need your help to create a code to do calculation which is (7th image - 2nd image)/(7th image + 2nd image).. I want to do that for each date.
Thank you
reyadh Albarakat
reyadh Albarakat on 7 Apr 2017
Hi Walter Roberson,
yes there is a date and the band number here is the example:
((MOD09A1. A2000057.h21v05.006.2015136062042.hdf_sur_refl_ b01_clip.tif_mosaico_ream.tif)) ((MOD09A1. A2000057.h21v05.006.2015136062042.hdf_sur_refl_ b02_clip.tif_mosaico_ream.tif)) ((MOD09A1. A2000057.h21v05.006.2015136062042.hdf_sur_refl_ b03_clip.tif_mosaico_ream.tif)) ((MOD09A1. A2000057.h21v05.006.2015136062042.hdf_sur_refl_ b04_clip.tif_mosaico_ream.tif)) ((MOD09A1. A2000057.h21v05.006.2015136062042.hdf_sur_refl_ b05_clip.tif_mosaico_ream.tif)) ((MOD09A1. A2000057.h21v05.006.2015136062042.hdf_sur_refl_ b06_clip.tif_mosaico_ream.tif)) ((MOD09A1. A2000057.h21v05.006.2015136062042.hdf_sur_refl_ b07_clip.tif_mosaico_ream.tif))

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Apr 2017
dinfo = dir('*_b02_clip.tif_mosaico_ream.tif');
nfile = length(dinfo);
filenames = {};
for K = 1 : nfile
b2_file = filenames{K};
b7_file = b2_file; b7_file(end-27) = '7';
b2_data = double( imread(b2_file) );
b7_data = double( imread(b7_file) );
result = (b7_data - b2_data) ./ (b7_data + b2_data);
%now what?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Apr 2017
It already loops over all dates, provided that the band 2 files all end in b02_clip.tif_mosaico_ream.tif
If not then you could perhaps use
dinfo = dir('*_b02_*.tif');
If the b02 part is not consistent then you need to be clearer as to how you can recognize the band number.

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