How do I use tooltip string in app designer

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I want to have help text when the cursor hovers over buttons created in app designer.
With uicontrol in a figure I can do this with: uicontrol('Style', 'Pushbutton', 'String', 'Hello','ToolTipString','This is the tooltip string')
but how do you do this within app designer?

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Stephen Jue
Stephen Jue il 14 Apr 2017
There is currently no way to add tooltips in App Designer. This is known to the developers and they are working to add this to a future release of MATLAB.
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Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams il 26 Nov 2018
R2018b supports tooltips. See more below

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Timothy Stewart
Timothy Stewart il 18 Set 2018
2018b supports Tooltips.
"Tooltips: Create custom tooltips for UI components in apps Set the Tooltip property on a UI component to display a tooltip when the user hovers the mouse over the component at run time. Tooltips display even when the components are disabled.
The Tooltip property is available for UI components in App Designer apps and in figures created with the uifigure function.
If you are creating an app using GUIDE or the figure function, use the Tooltip property instead of the TooltipString property on UIControl, Table, Tab, PushTool, and ToggleTool UI components. For details, see TooltipString property is not recommended."

Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams il 25 Ott 2018
In 18b App Designer, you can use the Property Inspector from code or design view to add tooltips to your components - the code will automatically be generated for you as for other property sets.

Sonia Suarez
Sonia Suarez il 2 Ott 2017
on your opening function for your guide try:
handles.pushbutton1.TooltipString=['This is the Tooltip string!', char(10), ... 'And a 2nd line also.']);
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Frank van Diggelen
Frank van Diggelen il 9 Nov 2017
I tried this in appdesigner, but it doesnt work there:
app.buttonGetFile.TooltipString=['This is the Tooltip string!']
No public property TooltipString exists for class matlab.ui.control.Button.

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Gianluigi il 7 Nov 2018
Hi, I have installed the R2018b but still I am not able to add a tooltipstring to any element, button, listbox, etc
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Brendan Nichols
Brendan Nichols il 22 Gen 2019
This is a known bug with removing tooltips. The only way around it is to delete and remake the object as far as I know.

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Amanda Irving
Amanda Irving il 26 Nov 2018
The name of the property to create a component specific tooltip is Tooltip
app.buttonGetFile = uibutton;
app.buttonGetFile.Tooltip=['This is the Tooltip string!']


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