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apply the min index to an array of the same size

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A and B are arrays with the same size. e.g.
>> size(A) = [2,4,3,5]; % A is a 4 dimensional matrix
>> size(B) = [2,4,3,5]; % B has the same size as A
>> [minA, minAind] = min(A,[ ],4);
size(minA) = [2,4,3]; %min will reduce one of the dimensions
How to extract the elements in B with the same index as minAind?

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hamed amini
hamed amini il 16 Apr 2017
I found the answer; here is an example when the min is applied along the 3rd dimension:
>> a=rand(2,3,4,5);
>> [amin, aind] = min(a,[],3);
>> [a1,a2,a4]= ndgrid([1:size(a,1)],[1:size(a,2)],[1:size(a,4)]);
>> allind = sub2ind(size(a), a1, a2,squeeze(aind), a4);
>> a(allind)-amin % ==> this would be all zeros, i.e. allind is the right index.

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