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Rahul il 28 Mar 2012
Commentato: Mahsa Amiri il 16 Lug 2020
I have a for loop, but every iteration overwrites the variable and I have only the final data left.. how can I save data from every loop
for mp=1:100
saves only the last value when mp=100. how do I get the other values?

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Thomas il 28 Mar 2012
Thomas Anthony answered on 8 Mar 2012 at 15:06
This video should help:
You can save the output in a vector or matrix as shown,
for i=1:10
y(i)=i+rand; % use y(i) so that it is written as a vector
or you could use:
for i=1:10
z=[z i+rand];
both should give you similar results..
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Austin Hernandez
Austin Hernandez il 27 Apr 2020
I have a similar issue but I need to record the y-values of a line from x=a to x=b.
Each loop, the slope of the line will change so there will be a different set of x and y's for each loop
How can I record the y-values from the function for each loop? The above fix doesn't work if a function is inside of it. This is my code and gives me an error once it trys to record y(i):
function for_test
y = ones(1,1);
for i=1:10
x = 0:1:10;
y(i) = x+rand; % use y(i) so that it is written as a vector
%I want to be able to access both sets of information when the for loop is over.
Mahsa Amiri
Mahsa Amiri il 16 Lug 2020
Tahnk you Thomas!

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