Hello. how declare node for create multibody simscape model ? Thank you.

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I want create a source code for a simscape component. This simscape component have one node of simscape multibody. I don't know how declare this node. I don't the name domaine of this sort of node.
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Maitreyee Mordekar
Maitreyee Mordekar il 17 Mag 2017
Hi Jean-François,
Could you elaborate your question a little better about the component that you are trying to model? And what is the exact issue you are facing in doing so?

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Ed Marquez
Ed Marquez il 18 Mag 2017
Hi Jean-François,
I agree with @Maitreyee - the more info you can provide about what you are trying to model, the easier it will be to get help.
I would suggest going over the links below as a starting point:


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