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I'm using the matlab web desktop through my browser. I love it, but cannot figure out how to make figures that are not docked. I know it's possible because when you run any of the anova functions it makes a popout window, and the text in the table can be copied nicely into a program like excel. I want to make my own figure with by own table data that can then be copied the same way. But, simply using the figure function or uitable always makes a docked figure that does not have a menu bar (even if you manually make one, it doesn't show up). Any ideas? remember, this is matlab in a browser using the web desktop.

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Steve Van Hooser
Steve Van Hooser on 21 Oct 2020
OK, I've solved this.
To get a figure to be free floating in Matlab Online, I had to set the Toolbar to the 'figure'.
For example, if Figure 1 is stuck in the main windows, you can use
and then it will be released to float freely.

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Ashwini Venkatappa
Ashwini Venkatappa on 19 May 2017
On MATLAB online
Under the Figure tab, In the toolbar strip, you will find an option to undock the figure.I have circled the option in the image.
You would then get
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Steve Van Hooser
Steve Van Hooser on 16 Sep 2020
How do you do this in Matlab Online 2020? I don't see that icon in the toolbar anymore. I'm stuck with docked figures.

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