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Why does the "Enabled Subsystem" not work?

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When trying out "Enabled Subsystem" I encounter a strange Problem: The block seems not to work. But strangely the same block copied from the "enablesub"-example seems to work (see Picture and attached Model). I have no idea why this is the case since i compared every Parameter of the two Subsystem-blocks and the enabled block.
I am using Matlab Simulink Version (R2013a).

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Swarooph il 19 Mag 2017
This is because the setting 'Output when disabled' is different for the respective output ports of the Enabled subsystems.
The From Library Browser version has the following setting:
The example version has the following setting:
Because of this discrepancy, the behavior is expected. Take a look at the documentation here to learn more about this setting.
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Jakob Hartig
Jakob Hartig il 19 Mag 2017
Thank You very much Swarooph. It works fine now. I never thought about the Output to be the source of the discrepancy.

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