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i am trying to tune PID in my permanent magnet synchronous motor. there has 3 PID controller which is to control speed and direct and quadrature current. any best technique to tune this PID?

Asked by Muhammad Syarqawi on 28 May 2017
Latest activity Edited by Arkadiy Turevskiy on 13 Sep 2018
here is my permanent magnet synchronous motor model.i have problem in tune PID controller in my model where one to control speed and another two to control direct and quadrature current.any best technique to tune all 3 PID?


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Answer by Arkadiy Turevskiy on 16 Aug 2018

Please take a look at the this video and follow the approach shown.


Hi, your approach needs Matlab 2018a, is there any approach without closed loop PID-Autotuner? (I´m using Matlab 2016b)
Hi Al,
The other approach is the following:
1. Do frequency response estimation - inject ac sweeps on d and q voltage and estimate frequency response from vd and vq to id, iq, and motor speed. See here on how to do frequency response estimation.
2. Once frequency response data is available, use system identification and identify a state space model from vd,vq to id,iq,speed
3. Once this state-space model is available, tune all 3 loops together using Control System Tuner .
Please check out this new 18b example showing this workflow.

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