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Applying coordinate data to matrices without plotting them

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I have a cell array, each cell of which contains a matrix of equal size. I then have a GUI which will plot the first of the matrices. What I need to do is set four markers on the plot to form a square or rectangle which is essentially and area of interest. Once I have determined this area I will get the sum of every value contained inside. My question is, is it possible, once I have selected these points, to apply this 'area of interest' to each of the rest of the matrices, carry out the same calculation and tabulate the data. I planned on using the data cursor tool to select the four corners of my area of interest and I have researched how to tabulate results calculated by matlab. My main query is, can it be done? Can the same region of a matrix be specified across an array of matrices without plotting each one individually?
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Adam il 16 Giu 2017
Yes, you just use a logical data mask which determines the points inside and outside of your region of interest. This mask can then be applied to any matrix of the same size.
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith il 20 Giu 2017
Using a mask does not overwrite the actual values inside the ROI does it? Because of the binary nature of masks?

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