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Selecting multiple regions of interest with roipoly

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I intend on using roipoly to select regions of interest in a plot. My question is; is it possible to select multiple separate ROI on the same plot? I also intend on applying a mask to the roipoly so that i can apply the same ROI to multiple matrices without plotting them. Because a mask works by setting every point outside the ROI to 0 and inside to 1, does this mean that the actual values inside the ROI are overwritten? Thanks in advance to anyone with clarification on this
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Marco Beccarini
Marco Beccarini il 14 Apr 2018
Did you ever find the code to do this? I have the same exact problem and can't find anything on the internet.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 15 Apr 2018
Modificato: Image Analyst il 10 Gen 2019
I haven't heard back from you so it seems like you weren't able to do it. I'm attaching a demo for you.
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Marco Beccarini
Marco Beccarini il 17 Apr 2018
Even though I wasn't the one who posted the question, thank you so much!!!!! It's working perfectly!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 14 Apr 2018
You have to create multiple mask and OR them together.

Ruggero G. Bettinardi
Ruggero G. Bettinardi il 10 Gen 2019
Great, thanks a lot!

Amir Azadeh Ranjbar
Amir Azadeh Ranjbar il 28 Dic 2021
thanks you Image Analyst


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