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How to find the position of an object by comparing the reference image with the object alone and test image with the extra background objects

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Hi , I would like to know how to get the exact position of an overlay object on the test image. What I have is the reference image with overlay object alone in black background and the test image with some extra objects in background. Both the images are having the same size. I want to verify whether the position of the overlay object in the test image is same as in the reference image.

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Swarooph il 29 Giu 2017
There might be several ways to do this. A straight forward way I could think of is to use the template matching algorithm in the Computer Vision System Toolbox with the vision.TemplateMatcher system object. Here is an example where we try to find Location of a Specific Chip in Image of Electronic Board. You have a reference image and try to find similar objects in another image.
Based on what the actual object is that you are trying to locate, there are so many other ways ranging from simple image processing to complex neural network based solutions that could be used to solve this problem.

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pooja chandrabose
pooja chandrabose il 19 Ago 2018
Hi.....can u help me...I want to detect same which said the exact location. Of a specific chip in a image of electronic board....could to help's tooooo much needed...thanks in advamce
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 19 Ago 2018
Is this a matter of a specific chip in a known position being either present or absent? Or is it always the kind of board but not always the same angle, which you would have to orient, and once oriented would be looking to see if a particular chip was present or not?

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