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Using datastore and tall arrays for files that are too big for memory

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I have been looking at using datastore on files that have proven too much for matlab's memory. I was using fopen and textscan, fgetl, sscanf and dlmread. A recurring problem with each different command is memory. My data is saved in two different formats, an extremely large file containing 200 individual matrices and as the individual 200 matrices. When looking at creating tall arrays to fix the memory issues, I came across a problem. Which datastore command should I use? The individual files could be added to datastore using fileDatastore or the bulk file could use tabularTextDatastore but no matter which method i use, i get the same error:
Undefined function 'datastore' for input arguments of type 'char'.
I have tried multiple different methods of specifying the file\folder. I have used uigetfile and uigetdir to specify the file and I have also explicitly stated the file, either by setting the current folder and naming the file or with the 'C:\Users\c13459232\Documents....' method. They all return the same error. Is there something I am missing here?
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Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith il 4 Lug 2017
Modificato: Aaron Smith il 4 Lug 2017
2012a. This means that tall arrays and datastore are not available to me, yes_

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