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Gabriela il 3 Lug 2017
I have an app with 3 tabs and several graphs on each tab built in the app designer (not GUIDE). When I connect my laptop to a screen with resolution 1920x1080 I can see the app perfectly, but when using my laptop screen (1366x768) one third of app is not visible.
I see there are some commands to get the screen size [ie get(0,'ScreenSize')] but not sure where to use this command in the app designer so that when I open it, I can visualize it correctly no matter the screen resolution of the computer. Thanks!
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Chong Cao
Chong Cao il 2 Nov 2017
same problem, dont know how to due with

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Sally Al Khamees
Sally Al Khamees il 13 Lug 2017
Hi Gabriela, You might want to try writing a callback that activates when the app is loaded.See the customer the following link for more details.
I hope this helps
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Joseph Santoro
Joseph Santoro il 12 Lug 2019
I would love to try this solution since I am experiencing the same problem in 2016a but I have no option to create a StartupFCN callback function on my UIFigure. Please see the attached screenshot. Any idea why this is happening?matlab-request.jpg

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Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams il 12 Dic 2018
Hi Gabriela,
Starting in R2018b, you can turn Scrollable on the UIFigure and you should be all set, no need to calculate screen size or manually add sliders.
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Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams il 28 Giu 2019
The app will launch at the size you set for the UIFIgure, unless you write code to make it smaller. But if you make the app smaller the components inside it should automatically resize and reposition themselves. Make sure autoresize children property is on for your figure and tabs.

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Arsalan jamialahmadi
Arsalan jamialahmadi il 15 Lug 2019
Hi Gabriella,
I used to have exact same problem but eventually could solve it.
What I think should be better documented is the fact that every thing you create in a page in your App Designer needs to be put inside a panel, otherwise auto resize function does not work properly. You also need to be very careful with the "Inner" size of panels and not place any control interfering with this area.
So for me it works by applying above formula plus making the "Scrollable" and "AutoResizeChildren" checked for all controls including the main page of my app.


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