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How can I set a custom path in Matlab R2017a on MacOS?

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I run Matlab on MacOS 10.12.5, with various useful programs installed in "non-standard" directories using Fink. With R2016b and earlier I added the line ". /sw/bin/" to the end of the "" file in my home directory, to add these paths to the Matlab command line. That script, which is part of Fink, prepends "/sw/bin" and a couple of other directories to the search path (environment variable $PATH); the result in R2016b is:
>> !echo $PATH
However, this doesn't seem to work in R2017a; the only directories in Matlab's search path are /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, and /sbin. How can I get Matlab to look in other directories?

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Royi Avital
Royi Avital il 8 Ott 2020
You should use setenv() to set the path.
Pay attention that usually you want to add something to the path and not override it. Hence do something like:
PATH_SEP = pathsep();
myDir = '/some/dir/in/my/mac/';
currPath = getenv('PATH');
setenv('PATH', [currPath, PATH_SEP, myDir]);
Of course this is the MATLAB way. You could also just use system command:
!export PATH=$PATH:/my/path
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Povl Abrahamsen
Povl Abrahamsen il 8 Ott 2020
Thank you very much!
This solution worked, when I added the code to /Applications/

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Shashank il 11 Lug 2017
Modificato: Shashank il 11 Lug 2017
Hi Poul,
You can try using a startup.m File
The startup.m file is for specifying startup options. You can add folders to the search path by including addpath statements in a startup.m file. For example, to add the specified folder, /home/username/mytools to the search path at startup, include this statement in a startup.m file:
addpath /home/username/mytools
- Shashank
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Povl Abrahamsen
Povl Abrahamsen il 11 Lug 2017
This question is about paths for running command line programs, not Matlab scripts. So "addpath" is not relevant.

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