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Is it possible to rotate the data inside each cell of a cell array

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I have a cell array containing a matrix inside of each cell. I need to rotate the matrices. I have already found the rot90 command which works fine for the individual matrix oor for rotating the cells of a cell array. My query is, is it possible to rotate each of the matrices without doing it individually?
I was looking at using cellfun to attempt to do this
cellfun(rot90(finishCell{k}, 3));
This appears to manipulate the cells of the cell array and not the data inside

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Jan il 5 Lug 2017
C = cellfun(@rot90,C,'uni',0)
creates a copy of C, such that the double size of memory is required temporarily, a loop creates the duplicates one after the other:
for iC = 1:numel(C)
C{iC} = rot90(C{iC});
This might avoid the memory problems.
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Valentino Cristini
Valentino Cristini il 22 Set 2021
Hi, how would you add the k factor (how many times it shoud rotate the array by 90 degrees)?
Ijaz Ahmad
Ijaz Ahmad il 24 Nov 2021
k = randi([0,3], [1,numel(C)]);
for iC = 1:numel(C)
C{iC} = rot90(C{iC}, k(iC));

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