How to open a netCDF file

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I have a few netCDF files which contain geographical coordinates and values corresponding to those coordinates. For an example longitude, latitude, temperature. How to easily open those files? I found a code with many lines but I wonder whether there is a direct function.

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KSSV on 6 Jul 2017
Edited: KSSV on 6 Jul 2017
It is very easy to open netCDF files in MATLAB. You only need to know few functions like ncdisp, ncinfo, ncread.
First use ncdisp('myncfile') this will list all the contents of the file like variables (say lon,lat,temp) present in it and their dimensions. Once you know what are the variables present in the file, use ncread to load that variable.
lon = ncread('myncfile','lon') ;
lat = ncread('myncfile','lat') ;
Read about ncdisp and ncread.
KSSV on 6 Jul 2017
I hope now you are able to open netCDF. You must remember that if your variable is a 3D i.e say temperature is a 3D matrix. Don't try to load it completely, you can only load a part of the variable which you want. Read the documentation of ncread carefully and thoroughly.

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