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EGM : Elastic graph matching

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jenny jenny
jenny jenny il 7 Lug 2017
Commentato: jenny jenny il 8 Lug 2017
Hello, I'm searching for the methods of features extraction and during my reaserch I found a method here name is : 'Elastic graph matching' and i want to konw here, I will be thankful if you tellme if you have any idea about this method And thank you soo much for your answer ^_^
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 7 Lug 2017
Yes, that explains it much better. Unfortunately I don't know anything about gesture recognition or elastic graph matching.
You say "It was being used in Hand posture recognition, but I'm trying to find in this area something", as if the paper did not apply to you. But it looks like your application IS ALSO on hand gesture recognition so I don't know why you can't use that same paper since you have the same objective as the paper.
There are a lot (or all) the papers on gesture recognition here: Vision Bib, so maybe you can find an easier method.
jenny jenny
jenny jenny il 8 Lug 2017
Thank you @Image Analyst fpr your answer and your time ^_^

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