how to plot gaussian filter using meshgrid Function

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To plot a function of two variables, you need to generate u and v matrices consisting of repeated rows and columns, respectively, over the domain of the function H and D. Use Matlab documentation to learn about the meshgrid function, and then use it to define u and v.
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Sonny Revell
Sonny Revell il 21 Feb 2021
I feel differently. Often times the instructors are not clear or understandable and we have to "learn on our own" from examples. The obscure lecture topic became clear from the examples from this forum. You Jan have "filled in the blanks" many times for me. Perhaps you should ask the instructors to be clear on the topics. Thanks Jan.

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John BG
John BG il 23 Lug 2017
Hi Khalid
generating U and V with meshgrid
the signal
note I have extended the plot limits to [-N N] and [-M M], since the question reads [1 N] [1 M] the plot would be just a quarter 'chunk' of the cake, not including the peak
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thanks in advance
John BG
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Jan il 24 Lug 2017
@Khalid Khan: You draw the text at z=1.25, but the Z-axis limit is at 1.0. You can use the zlim commadn to adjust this, but it looks strange that "the peak location specified by the point (N/2,M/2,1.25)" does not seem to match the current value.

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