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Sampling dataset into training(70%) and validation(30%) data

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I have a dataset from which I would like to split into validation and training data. The original dataset, validation, and training should be stored in a table. How can I do that in matlab?

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Swarooph il 27 Lug 2017
If you have the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox, cvpartition function is the easiest way to do this. Take a look at the doc here .
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Bernard DUSHIMIMANA il 27 Lug 2017
Modificato: Bernard DUSHIMIMANA il 27 Lug 2017
I would like you to take through an example. I am definitely new to MATLAB
Swarooph il 28 Lug 2017
Did the documentation help? You can also take a look at this classification example that uses the cvpartition function.

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