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Saving a logical mask

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Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith il 3 Ago 2017
Modificato: Jan il 5 Ago 2017
I have a code for creating a logical mask and calculating values inside the ROI of the mask. My query is: is it possible to save the logical mask to the desktop so that it can be applied to other data in the future?
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Stephen23 il 4 Ago 2017
"As a file essentially so that in future I can just apply it to matrices. If this is possible"
It is possible and my answer shows you the simplest and most efficient way of doing this. Did you try it?
Jan il 5 Ago 2017
Modificato: Jan il 5 Ago 2017
@Aaron: I repeat my question: Does "save to the desktop" mean the path:
? Or do you mean the desktop window of Matlab? Storing it on the desktop of the OS might be less convenient than storing it in the user path of Matlab.

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Stephen23 il 3 Ago 2017
Modificato: Stephen23 il 5 Ago 2017
Simply save it in a .mat file:
and then load it back into memory:
S = load('nameOfFile.mat');
mask = S.nameOfVariable;
Use the relevant absolute/relative path to save it on the desktop.
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Jan il 5 Ago 2017
Modificato: Jan il 5 Ago 2017
desktop = fullfile(getenv('USERPROFILE'), 'Desktop');
save(fullfile(desktop, 'nameOfFile.mat'), 'nameOfVariable')
But I'd prefer the userpath of Matlab instead of polluting the OS's desktop.

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