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>> Matlab program to read stock price data and run live algorithm.

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We have developed a financial algorithm that we tested using historical stock price data(read from a text file). Next we want to run the algorithm as a real life simulation.
My idea is to write an additional Perl script that gets stock price from yahoo finance and updates a file X. Then it calls the matlab program, which reads the file X and outputs the data in a file Y(csv,text ... format). I can then use excel or other application to read and plot the output file.
Question: What do you think about my strategy? Is this the best strategy? Can I call the Matlab program directly from Perl? Can the whole program be written in Matlab itself without reverting to Perl? Please advise.

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Thomas il 13 Apr 2012
You can read the stock price directly from the yahoo website
doc urlread
Also MATLAB Trendy does something similar..

Sean il 13 Apr 2012
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Sinan Islam
Sinan Islam il 3 Dic 2020
It would be great if Matlab adds an example to show how to stream data from the Datafeed toolbox in real time to a live intraday price chart.

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