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How can I continually update the UI Axes in App Designer to display images from a CMOS camera?

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I would like to create a video feed in the UI Axes in App Designer. At the moment, I am updating the CData of the figure, though I am having large lag times. The code that I am using runs quickly--in about 100ms--but the image on the UI Axes updates approximately every two seconds. Preferably, the video feed would run parallel so that I can also interact with my GUI simultaneously. Is there a way to use the UI Axes to run this type of figure?
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Cody LaBelle
Cody LaBelle il 15 Set 2017
Modificato: Cody LaBelle il 15 Set 2017
I have used the drawnow function to update the axes, though it did not reduce the updating time. Also, I updated MATLAB to 2017b (pre-release) due to the fact that the drawnow functionality was added to the UI axes in 2017a. Unfortunately this did not help.
As a temporary work around, I am using an external figure to display my video feed, which runs very quickly.
Sarah Mohamed
Sarah Mohamed il 15 Set 2017
I see, thanks for trying that out. Could you share the code you are using to update the UIAxes?

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karim botros
karim botros il 7 Mar 2018
Modificato: karim botros il 24 Gen 2022
it works in app designer
you can use global var if you want to use the object camera in another function
global cam
setappdata(app.UIAxes, 'cam', cam);


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