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Problem with dimensions setting of textbox (annotations)

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I want to write X-Axis's values of some points in textbox. For that I made this attached code. But it is not placing the textbox at desire place. I am confused how to give dimension to textbox. In the fig, first peak's textbox is placed before 1st peak. Whereas, 2nd peak's textbox placed after 2nd peak. How dimension of textbox works?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 19 Set 2017
Consider using text() instead of annotation(). text() allows you to specify horizontal and vertical alignment
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Gopanraj Patel
Gopanraj Patel il 19 Set 2017
I tried it but text() was not allowing me to create textbox. How will I create a textbox using text()? I need textbox to display it same as datatip.

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Rahul punk
Rahul punk il 3 Apr 2019

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