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AppDesigner Data Cursor for Plots?

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Matt il 20 Set 2017
Modificato: Philip Ziegler il 30 Ott 2017
Hi, I've designed an application to download/aggregate/view data using a GUI built with AppDesigner, but I'm not seeing if there is a way to add the ability for a user to click to see the numbers behind a specific line/datapoint, like the Data Cursor is able to do in a regular Matlab figure.
Is there a way to add this functionality? It seems that you also lose the ability to zoom the chart using appdesigner...
Thanks, Matt

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Philip Ziegler
Philip Ziegler il 30 Ott 2017
Modificato: Philip Ziegler il 30 Ott 2017
I also need this functionality. Unfortunately this feature seems not be implemented yet.


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