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Matlab-python interface broken ?

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Guillaume Leclerc
Guillaume Leclerc il 25 Set 2017
Commentato: Pierre Loicq il 7 Apr 2021
I was experimenting with the Matlab-python interface and it seems there are serious issues.
Here are two very simple things I tried:
matrix = py.numpy.zeros(int32([3 3]))
and it outputs 1. Actually it outputs 1 for any matrix
On the other side if I use
I get a bunch of segmentation falt and illegal instruction errors.
When I do it with a python interpreter (in the same terminal I started Matlab to make sure i have the same environment) the code works properly.
Does anyone have the same behavior or is that my environment is somehow broken ?
Thank you for your help

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Robert Snoeberger
Robert Snoeberger il 27 Set 2017
When python is running within MATLAB, it ends up using MATLAB's MKL. It looks like your Python code is incompatible with MATLAB's MKL, probably due to incompatible compile-time options.
If you are on linux, then a workaround [1] to try is the following:
>> flag = int32(bitor(2, 8));
>> py.sys.setdlopenflags(flag);
Run this code after you start MATLAB.
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Guillaume Leclerc
Guillaume Leclerc il 28 Set 2017
This is AWESOME. Thank you for your help. Too bad I struggled days with the email support team for such a simple workaround.
Have a nice day
Pierre Loicq
Pierre Loicq il 7 Apr 2021
Wow, this solution resolved a similar problem on matlab 2016b on linux (crash with segmentation faults and malloc errors).
Thank you very much

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