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How to create readable files from Matlab to Paraview to display structural deformation?

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I'm really new to Paraview, I'd like to create a plot in Paraview showing the displacement of a rectangular mesh. I use this function "vtkwrite" to export the vtk file:
I wrote this line:
vtkwrite('cantiBeam', 'polydata','triangle', xdis, ydis, z, tri);
where cantiBeam is the file name, polydata is the datatype, triangle is the element type, xdis is the deformed x coordinate, ydis is the deformed y coordinate, z is set to 0 as this is a 2d structure. tri is the connectivity.
I successfully plot this structure in Paraview like this (I used random deformation just to demonstrate):
However, I'd like to plot the deformation with colors, e.g. dark color for large deformations, for example, like in Abaqus:
I guess when creating vtk file, there needs to be the information to tell Paraview what the deformation is, but how can I do it?

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KSSV il 27 Set 2017
It can be very much plotted......Check this file exchange for more details: Any more questions feel free to discuss.
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Xiaohan Du
Xiaohan Du il 28 Set 2017
First, the speed was quite slow, this structure only has 2298 nodes, if there are tens of thousands of nodes or more, would Matlab be too slow for this job?
Second, I cannot find a way to display the deformation like you did in here
I'd like to have a contour plot of deformation like you did for this wing model.
Xiaohan Du
Xiaohan Du il 28 Set 2017
Also, in this link:
I tried the attached example:
d = [-1 1];
[x, y, z] = meshgrid(d, d, d);
DT = delaunayTriangulation(x(:), y(:), z(:));
vtkwrite('execute', 'polydata','tetrahedron', x, y, z, DT.ConnectivityList);
It did generate a VTK file, but the plot in Paraview was like this:
obviously these are not tetrahedrons but triangular surfaces. How can I change it?

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