controlling the directory of the output file?!

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Ano il 27 Ott 2017
Commentato: Ano il 24 Nov 2017
Hello! I have three files, 'originFile' which contains file1 and file2 , I would like to know how can I force Matlab to save the output files from funct1 in file1 into file1 and not in the 'originFile' ?! Thank you!
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Rik il 27 Ott 2017
This depends on how you are writing it exactly, but every writing function I know of accepts explicit paths (i.e. full paths, including the drive letter).
A more specific answer is not possible, as you told nothing of how your code works.
Ano il 27 Ott 2017
Hi @Rik Wisselink, my code is spreaded out into two files file1 and file2 within each file there is some functions calling each other, and for organization purposes I would like to save the output files from functions in file1 in that same file. Thank you!

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Rik il 27 Ott 2017
You can get the filename and name of the current function with dbstack:
ST = dbstack('-completenames');
ST =
file: 'C:\myProject\myfile.m'
name: 'myfile'
line: 2
If you have multiple functions (which will almost always be the case), ST will be a struct array, so ST(1).file would be what you need.
As a last remark: you must have an interesting function structure if subfunctions in one file can access subfunctions in another file. But that is your decision to make of course.
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Rik il 31 Ott 2017
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Normally, if you have a subfunction in a file, functions outside of that file can not call that function. You can circumvent this with something like fh = str2func(fid);[varargout{1:nargout}] = fh(varargin{:});
In short, I can't really imagine a function structure that makes sense and works the way you describe.
Ano il 24 Nov 2017
Hello, I just wanted to add another alternative that worked for me for those who might face the same problem. I have added to the function funct1 ,which I would like to get its out put , the following code line:

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