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Matlab Code for Kriging

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Kaushal Kishore
Kaushal Kishore on 29 Oct 2017
Commented: Hofa on 20 Apr 2019
I have the average wind speed for several locations and want to use the kriging method to predict the wind speed at some random position and finally develop the wind map. Can anyone provide me with the details of how to do this in matlab because i am totally new with matlab. Attached is the data and map of the region. Thank You.


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Answers (1)

mizuki on 25 Feb 2018
Load Wind data.txt and use fitrgp to create estimation model.
The first example in the following sample code set is similar to your case.


Hofa on 20 Apr 2019
Hi can you be more specific? Because it's in Japanese I am not sure what is the first example you refer to...(and the first is not using the fitrgp at all....)
Hofa on 20 Apr 2019
Plus if I have data arranged in 180*360 like a map how do I use fitrpg to get Krigeage interpolation?

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