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Polyspace 'Verification'/'source code compliance' phase - why not parallel?

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One of the slowest part of any Polyspace analysis is the source code verification step but this performed sequentially, one file at a time. Is there any good reason this phase does not make use of any multi-core environment and verify the code in parallel?
TIA Martin

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Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros il 2 Nov 2017
Hello Martin,
Since R2014b, the compliance checking of the source files is parallelized.
See the release notes on this page : and look at the paragraph R2014b for more information.
Best regards,
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Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros il 6 Nov 2017
Hi Martin,
The compilation phase is made of different stages, and not all the compilation phase can be parallelized.
It is done for the source files compliance phase (and so you should see that several cores are used during this stage) but it is difficult to do it for the cross-files compliance phase because in this phase, all the results are "inter-dependant".
Best regards,
Martin Dowie
Martin Dowie il 6 Nov 2017
Only in parallel for C not for C++ (or Ada presumably)...
...R2018a please!!

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