NaN entries problem !

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Ano il 3 Nov 2017
Modificato: Ano il 3 Nov 2017
Hello! I have 2 matrices which I would like to add them (simple addition +) but I get in the resulting matrix some NaN entries , Knowing that non of the 2 matrices contain not even a one NaN entry , I would like to know how these NaN entries are generated and how can I get rid of them ?! I have used the following code to see where is the problem
and I get A1=[] (empty) and I have changed the intervals (1000:1500) several timeand I keep getting A1 empty but as I change (1:end) A1 is not empty Note: I couldn't attach the matrices they are larger then the permitted size! Thank you!

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 3 Nov 2017
One possibility:
>> x = -Inf;
>> y = Inf;
>> z = x+y
z =

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