Simulink built-in support for the PandaBoard?

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Elmar on 26 Apr 2012
Commented: Sulav on 18 Jul 2015
Will PandaBoard also be supported directly?

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Dan Lluch
Dan Lluch on 12 Sep 2012
Edited: John Kelly on 29 May 2015
R2012b has released support for PandaBoard as a built-in Simulink Target. Please see this page for more information:
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Sulav on 18 Jul 2015
Can we use beagleboard support package for pandaboard too? or does it have a different support package?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Apr 2012
Mathworks does not announce features in advance, and its employees seldom give advance notice of implementations. (Sometimes an employee will mention a feature that has become available in the beta version, but that is almost the limit.)
If you are interested in future support for a feature, you should talk to Mathworks Sales, as they are authorized to discuss such matters.
Speaking for myself (and I am not a Mathworks employee or contractor): in situations where I know about planned features, I do not speak about them, as in such situations I would be bound by NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements).


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