Saving Appdesigner: Expected "appdesign​er.interna​l.codegene​ration.mod​el.CodeDat​a"

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Hi all, Can somebody help me? I Have tried to Run a App or save it but it is imposible to do nothing. All code appear be ok, but the problem still, It is weird because if I click in the App directly is all run well but through the appdesigner give me this error I Can't continue development my app.

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Florian il 5 Dic 2017
Re-install Matlab worked for me!

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Mara Gati
Mara Gati il 4 Gen 2019
I had the same problem in r2018b. I used this link.
It went back to working normally.

liqun fang
liqun fang il 4 Set 2022
我发现这个问题的产生原因是因为app内某一块程序出错,我的是一个面板panel出现了问题,我不知道这个面板出现了什么问题。但是我用MATLAB Online打开这个错误app然后删除掉panel的程序再另存为,之后我电脑的2020b就可以正常打开这个错误app了。但是我需要重新搭建panel这部分的程序。


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