Error adding a line to an axes

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I am trying to add a line to a GUI axes. The line function works from the command window, but throws an error when executing it from the GUI. The error I receive is "Vectors must be the same length." Thanks in advance!
%example of line from command window
%example of code from GUI.m file
time = VideoObj.currentTime;
y = ylim(handles.axesGraph);
line(handles.axesGraph, [time,time], y, 'color', 'black');
Andrew Vallejos
Andrew Vallejos on 1 Dec 2017
Edited: Andrew Vallejos on 4 Dec 2017
Time is a numeric scalar, per the docs.
ylim returns a vector of size two, per the docs.
I have also done the due diligence of dumping both variable to ensure that the values are what I expect. For example, my first frame has the following values: time = [0.633, 0.633] y = [0, 14]

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Accepted Answer

Andrew Vallejos
Andrew Vallejos on 4 Dec 2017
I figured out the problem. The error is that I am using an older version of MATLAB, that does not support the function as I am attempting to use it. Thanks for everyone's help.

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Jan on 2 Dec 2017
Edited: Jan on 2 Dec 2017
Use the debugger to identify the problem:
dbstop if error
Now let the code run again. If it stops at the error, examine the used variables again:
Maybe handles.axesGraph is not a single axes handle?
Andrew Vallejos
Andrew Vallejos on 4 Dec 2017
Sorry, I meant double. My other programming languages are coming out. :) I will try your other recommendations. The vectors I am passing are the same size. I have tried to make it more explicit below. Sorry for the confusion.
%returns ans = [1 2].
size([time time])
%returns ans = [1 2].
%returns ans = [1 1].

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