How can I get 3 decimals placeś ine the table?

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Hello, I'm new to matlab but and i want my numbers in the table to be fixed to 3 decimal places(right now i get something like 5,5182 e+6) here is my code
if true
% code
dane = xlsread('dane1.xlsx');
app.UITable.Visible = 'on';
app.UITable.Data = [cellstr(nr) num2cell(A) num2cell(B) num2cell(C) num2cell(D)];

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Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit il 5 Dic 2017
Set the column type to char, and use sprintf to format the numbers with the desired number of decimal places.
app.UITable.ColumnFormat = {'char'};
app.UITable.Data = {sprintf('%.3e', 1.2345678e-3)};
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Kamil Tomiak
Kamil Tomiak il 5 Dic 2017
well i used insted of e f to get fix number but it helped me! thanks! app.UITable.ColumnFormat = {'char'}; app.UITable.Data = {sprintf('%.3f', 1.2345678e-3)};

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