Plotting a Gantt Chart from a Matrix

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Alaa Al-Saffar
Alaa Al-Saffar il 8 Dic 2017
Risposto: Alexis Wang il 30 Ago 2022
I plotted this gantt chart in excel using this table.
The Gantt Chart looked like this
To remove the gaps durations, I used the legend to de-colored them, remove the boarders and remove them.
Now, I would like to plot the same gantt chart in Matlab using the following command:
However, I want to change the color for every job duration (every even column at the Gap_Duration Matrix) and No-Color & No-Boarder for every gap duration (every odd column at the Gap_Duration Matrix).
Note: this only a simple example, I am dealing with a Gap_Duration Matrix with a size of (60,55*2),
60 positions and 55 jobs with their 55 gaps. where each job should have its own color or at least every 8-10 jobs have different color.
I already did the code for obtaining the Gap_Duration Matrix.
Thanks in advance.

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Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) il 8 Dic 2017
Use graphic handles to manipulate the graph:
H = barh(Positions,Gap_Duration,'stacked')
set(H([1 3 5]),'Visible','off')
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Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) il 14 Mag 2018
Whenever Matlab plots something it creates a handle to the plotted object. You can manipulate these objects by setting its properties using the handles. In the example above, H is a array of handles to bar elements (see the documentation of barh). The command sets the property "visible" to off for three of them.

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Alexis Wang
Alexis Wang il 30 Ago 2022
If it helps, I just published a custom Gantt chart for anyone to use and download on File Exchange here: If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to let me know!


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