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Cellfun not working for cells contain cells?

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Hi all,
I have a cell like this
K>> respCol
respCol =
1×24 cell array
Columns 1 through 5
{3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell}
Columns 6 through 10
{3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell}
Columns 11 through 15
{3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell}
Columns 16 through 20
{3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell}
Columns 21 through 24
{3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell} {3×1 cell}
and each cell contains
K>> respCol{1}
ans =
3×1 cell array
[1034×2 double]
[ 2×2 double]
[ 6×2 double]
Now I'd like to make the arrays in each cell negative using cellfun, I tried this but didn't work
K>> cellfun(@(v) -v, respCol, 'un', 0)
Undefined unary operator '-' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Error in beam>@(v)-v
So how can I do it?
Many thanks!
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per isakson
per isakson il 20 Dic 2017
You increase the chance to receive an answer if you upload some data to use for testing of the answer.

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Guillaume il 20 Dic 2017
Your cellfun code simply says: negate the content of each cell in the outer cell array. However, that content is itself a cell array and matlab doesn't know how to negate a cell array. So you need another cellfun to go into these inner cell array:
cellfun(@(x) cellfun(@uminus, x, 'UniformOutput', false), respCol, 'UniformOutput', false)
Note that
cellfun(@uminus, cellarray) %uminus is the function name of the negate operator -
will be faster than
cellfun(@(x) -x, cellarray)
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Xiaohan Du
Xiaohan Du il 20 Dic 2017
This totally works, thanks!
Jan il 20 Dic 2017
+1. cellfun(@uminus, cellarray) is nice. But it might be worth to compare the run time with a dull loop:
for i1 = 1:numel(respCol)
C = respCol{i1};
for i2 = 1:numel(C)
C{i2} = -C{i2};
respCol{i1} = C;

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