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How to read xlsx file after the date

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Jingying Wang
Jingying Wang on 22 Dec 2017
Hi everyone. I want to read the file by date. That means, the first produced file should be read first and then second and so on. The name of xlsx file looks like: (CS2_33_D_M_Y) CS2_33_8_17_10 CS2_33_8_18_10 CS2_33_8_19_10

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Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy
Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy on 29 Dec 2017
A possible approach would be to pull out the date from the file name and then sort it. Then, keep a track of the order and read the files in that order.
As an example:
% Sample file names in a cell array
A = {'CS2_33_10_17_10'; 'CS2_33_10_10_10'; 'CS2_33_8_1_12'; 'CS2_33_8_18_11' ; 'CS2_33_1_1_01'};
% Reading the date part of the file assuming the prefix CS2_33_ is a constant amongst filenames
for i=1:length(A)
a{i}=sscanf(A{i}, 'CS2_33_%s');
% Sorting the dates and tracking the changes to the indices
[~,j] = sortrows(datenum(a))
% A{j} contains filenames in the ascending order of dates
If you are interested in using the "intrinsic" timestamp of the files, the following link may be useful:


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