I want to open a .mdl simulink file which is saved as text document. Whenever i try to open it from simulink it does not shows up in the directory where i saved it. Can somebody answer it please.

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I just downloaded the .mdl simulink file from my professors website. This file can only be saved in text document format. Now i want to open and run this file,so i tried to open it from simulink but it does not appears in the directory where i have saved it, so i can't be able to run it.
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Luca Fenech
Luca Fenech il 21 Mar 2021
Modificato: Luca Fenech il 21 Mar 2021
Well I tried this @Walter Roberson. I downloaded the file as 'All Files'. Then I tried to open the text document by using the 'Open with' command. Then I found 'MATLAB'. But it still isn't opening.
Currently the file is saved as 'am.mdl', and the extention is 'TXT File'. Any help on how to continue pls?

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sourav  malla
sourav malla il 20 Giu 2019
Simulink opens the .mdl file in graphical ways. So you can not read ASCII information of .mdl file simulink window.
But you can open the file in Notepad or Wordpad or any ascii reader to read the information in text formate.
For windows operating system,
  1. Right click on .mdl file and choose Open with...
  2. Select Notepad or Wordpad or any other ascii reader.
  3. Click OK.
Or you can also use your Matlab editor to open and view it,
You need to supply a full pathname to the model file if you are not presently in that directory.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 20 Giu 2019
This is the opposite of the situation. Simulink was not seeing the file as a model in the directory and so was not able to open it in the usual ways. The user was trying to get Simulink to see the file as a model, not trying to read the text of the file.
My response last year addressed the point that sometimes downloaded files do not arrive with the extension that one expects, and it might not always be obvious because sometimes the real extension is hidden by the file explorer.

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