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simulink desktop realtime shutdown

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Mike Duke
Mike Duke il 18 Gen 2018
Risposto: Sviatoslav Klos il 12 Feb 2018
Hi, Everyone:
I am using desktop realtime toolbox. It worked before. But, my computer shut down when i ran the realtime model. I did not change the setup and it does not happen if the model has no realtime block. Does anyone have the same issue or similar problems? Thanks.
Regards Mike

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John Ren
John Ren il 6 Feb 2018
Hi Mike,
I am running into the same issue you had. I did not change my settings and it used to work but now when I start to run the model the computer is forced to restart. I am running simulnk desktop real time within R2016b. Please let me know if you find anything.

Sviatoslav Klos
Sviatoslav Klos il 12 Feb 2018

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