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How to plot contour when the function has no relation with the coordinates.?

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I have 3 matrices. x(n,1), y(n,1) and z(n,1). I want to plot the contour of 'z' in the 'x-y' coordinate. Can anyone help? I can plot it in Origin easily but I need to plot in Matlab.

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KSSV il 22 Gen 2018
N = 50 ;
x = rand(N,1) ;
y = rand(N,1) ;
z = rand(N,1) ;
dt = delaunayTriangulation(x,y) ;
tri = dt.ConnectivityList ;
coor = dt.Points ;
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obaid-ur-rehman il 23 Gen 2018
Thank u sir for the help. But sir how can I smooth the figure? The trace of triangles is still there. How can I get rid of these edges?

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