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Compiled application can't dock figures

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michael livshitz
michael livshitz il 23 Gen 2018
Risposto: Yair Altman il 27 Ott 2022
Hello, I am using Matlab 2016b. My application uses docking windows feature. I create and dock multiple figures, and everything works when run from the script. However, when I compile my application using deploytool, the figures aren't docked. Is this a known limitation?

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Jordy Jose
Jordy Jose il 31 Gen 2018
Hi Michael,
Unfortunately, MATLAB does not provide a functionality to dock figures in compiled applications. The recommended workflow in this kind of situations is to create a figure with tabs using the 'uitabgroup' and 'uitab' functions.

Yair Altman
Yair Altman il 27 Ott 2022
The ability to dock figures in deployed programs is available, but is intentionally blocked by the Matlab compiler. I think this limitation is regrettable, unnecessary, and completely self-defeating for MathWorks, but over the past decade I was not successful in convincing them to the contrary.
Luckily, there are several technical workarounds that do not require extensive recoding using tabs, which is the official "solution" offered for the limitation.
I will not post any workarounds publicly, but anyone with a legitimate business need to dock figures in compiled (deployed) applications is welcome to email me (altmany at gmail).


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