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How can I weight the edges in a Markov plot, using graphplot?

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I am trying to plot a 6 node Markov process with edges weighted by the transition probabilities, for a clearer representation than that provided by numerical weights or colored edges. Here is my code: %"fir" is the ttmc output fir=dtmc(primary) h=graphplot(fir) weight=nonzeros(primary) h.LineWidth = ( weight); graphplot(gg, "LineWidth", weight)
And, I get the following error:
Undefined function 'graphplot' for input arguments of type ''.
Error in net_trans (line 77) graphplot(gg, "LineWidth", weight)
I liked the graphplot output because it allows me to emphasize the more stable nodes in the matrix (those in which subjects do not change states). My proposed code does not work--is there a better way to do this?

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