Can't open .fig file saved by saveas command on script

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Please help understanding why I can't open a file generated by save as command on a script.
I tried:
The code generates a file like the attached one. The file, if double clicked, opens Matlab program but nothing is shown. I use similar code to generate .eps and .png files and they are fine.
If I manually do "Save as" it generates a similar sized file that opens fine.
Please bear in mind I have very limited skills with Matlab.
Any help appreciated.
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Mathijs Geurts
Mathijs Geurts il 20 Lug 2021
I just started using Matlab and I am experiencing exactly the same problem. Have you managed to solve your problem in the end?
Or is there anyone else that understands what goes wrong and knows how to solve this poblem?
saveas(gcf,fullfile(figuresdir,'example fig figure1'),'fig');
saveas(gcf,fullfile(figuresdir,'example fig figure2'),'png');
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 9 Feb 2018
fig = openfig('Graph.fig');
set(fig, 'Visible', 'on')
That is, the figure happened to be saved when it was set to invisible.
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Stephen23 il 22 Mar 2018
Modificato: Stephen23 il 22 Mar 2018
"The reason is that I have many graphs being generated..."
Why not avoid the whole problem by using just one figure (or a few figures)? For reasons of simplicity (i.e. defining and accessing graphics handles) and efficiency this is what experienced users often do, simply updating and replacing any data/axes/... as required. You could easily save each iteration as its own .fig file.
"I would like them to NOT open all at once and spam my pc window"
Spamming lots of figures is something that beginners do before they learn how to use graphics handles and update their graphics instead of just generating more and more and more figures. There is no reason why you need to spam anything anywhere, even if plotting lots of things in a loop.
Create just one figure, obtain its figure handle explicitly, send it to the back of the graphics stack, and then keep on working. Always obtain and use all graphics handles explicitly.
All of these other suggestions might work, but they are hacks to fix something that would be better avoided by fixing the problem at the source, not by affixing a Band-Aid afterwards.

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reyadh Albarakat
reyadh Albarakat il 9 Feb 2018
Hi Ricardo, Try this function export_fig
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Steeven il 1 Mar 2018
Hi Reyadh. Would you mind explaining or giving an example of how to "install" and how to use this function? I do not seem to have success with it.

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