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HI All, We have a Mathworks Polyspace R2016A

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We have compiled and verified with Large number of .c & .h files using polysapce, but my question is while generating the report is it possible to generate report only to certain no of files which we are interested using polyspace ?

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Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros il 16 Feb 2018
Modificato: Alexandre De Barros il 16 Feb 2018
there are two ways to achieve this:
  • customize an existing template, to add a filter on the file
See the documentation to know how to use it:
  • activate filters on the file(s) in the Polyspace UI and generate a "wysiwyg" report:
  1. switch the review scope to Family
  2. in the view Results List, activate the filter for the column File and select the file(s) you are interested in
  3. generate the report and in the dialog window "Run Report", activate the option "Only include currently displayed results"
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